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Looking for effective ways to optimize your property's value? Welcome to Kendra Jarrell Luxury & Vacation Real Estate, where we offer invaluable resources specifically designed for property owners in Chattanooga.

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AirBnB Conversion Consulting Services

What if your residential property could generate income while you're away? We provide expert assistance to homeowners keen on delving into the vacation rental market, offering invaluable advice on local regulations, optimal home setup, and impactful marketing strategies.

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Residential to Rental Transformation

Turning private properties into short or long-term rentals can be a game-changer for property owners. Our service aims to simplify this transition, guiding you through every step — from understanding legal requisites to implementing the most effective home setup. New to the game and don’t own a property yet? Count on us to help guide you toward the right decisions when it comes to long-term and short-term rental property investment.


Customized Rental Management Plans

Every property and owner has unique needs. We acknowledge this by providing custom plans to ensure efficient rental management that aligns with your objectives, turning potentially overwhelming tasks into manageable processes.

Property Owners' Consultation

Our services don't end at plan provision. We also provide means for you to consult with Kendra, empowering you with market insights and practical advice for better property management.

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